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What is a Local Immigration Partnership?

Local Immigration Partnerships (LIPs) are community-based partnerships in over 70 municipalities throughout Canada. They are designed to improve the integration of immigrants within communities, as well as strengthen the community’s ability to better address the needs of newcomers.


Red Deer is the most vibrant community in Canada


To build the capacity of the community as a whole to better support newcomers to Canada in meaningful community contribution – economically, socially, culturally, and politically.

LIP Structure

Decision Making

Red Deer Central Planning Council

Cross-sectoral council representing stakeholder organizations, advisory groups, and immigrants living in Red Deer. Responsible for setting strategic direction, major financial decisions, coordination and information sharing with member organizations. Representation will consist of, but not limited to, agencies and individuals from:

  • Settlement Serving Agencies
  • Employment/
  • Economic Development
  • Education *
  • Funders/Govt
  • Health
  • Municipality
  • Sports & Rec org’s
  • Arts & Culture
  • Immigrants **
  • Human Services

* Elementary, Secondary, and Post Secondary

** Refugees, Temporary Foreign Workers, Permanent Residents, Naturalized Citizens

  • Red Deer LIP Coordinator
  • Sub-Committees

Guidance and Implementation

Thematic Sub-Committees

Drives the implementation of strategies and initiatives

  • Economic well-being and participation
  • Social well-being and inclusion
  • Cultural participation and recognition
  • Political inclusion and participation

Immigrant Advisory Council

Purpose of the Immigrant Advisory Council (IAC):

To promote the on-going participation, connection and consultation of the immigrant community to the Red Deer Local Immigration Partnership central planning council, sub-committees, and broader community.

Council members bring lived experience and understanding of newcomer issues to the RDLIP central planning council. The Immigrant Advisory Council will consist of newcomers to Canada residing in Red Deer and representing a diversity of cultures, languages, ages, and stages of settlement and integration.


Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

LIP Funder. Oversees and administers national Local Immigration Partnership program.

Central Alberta Refugee Effort (C.A.R.E.)

IRCC contract holder. Oversees reporting to IRCC and day-to-day financial decisions

Red Deer LIP Coordinator

Organizes and supports all LIP groups and activities, including consultation, research, communications, event management, meeting organization, and coordination between groups and stakeholders.